Welcome to my personal webpage

I am currently employed as Professor at Leipzig University of Applied Sciences at the Faculty of Engineering working in the field of Embedded Systems and Digital Signal Processing.

This professorship is funded by the Leipziger Stiftung für Innovation und Technologietransfer.


My research interests are:

  • Embedded devices and signal processing with focus on ARM and RISC-V architecture
  • Machine learning (inference) on microcontroller/embedded systems
Please find more information here and at my research group Laboratory for Biosignal Processing.


Information on research topics, current research projects and open topics can be found here and at the website of my research group Laboratory for Biosignal Processing.

I also supervise external theses, provided that they fit into my teaching and research area. Please contact me by phone or e-mail to discuss further details. A list of supervised theses as well as current theses topics can be found here.


Faculty of Engineering, room W111.2, Waechterstrasse 13, 04107 Leipzig, Germany
Research Center, room FZE106, Eilenburger Strasse 13, 04317 Leipzig, Germany


Postfach 30 11 66, D-04251 Leipzig
Phone: +49 341 3076-3103
Mail: gerold.bausch [AT] htwk-leipzig [DOT] de (PGP key for encrypted mails)