My courses are currently held entirely in German, which is why all related pages are also in German.


Grundlagen der Informationstechniksummer
Angewandte Informationstechniksummer
Digitale Schaltungstechniksummer
Digitale Signalverarbeitungwinter
Mikrorechnerarchitekturenin preparation
Angewandte Audiosignalverarbeitungin preparation
Maschinelles Lernen auf Eingebetteten Systemenin preparation

Hard- and software used in my classes

Recommended tools

  • I highly recommend using Google Colab. Colab is a browser-based interactive environment for scientific calculations and data visualisation based on JupyterLab.
  • iCircuit is a simple simulation tool for electronic circuits (available for Windows/MacOS/iOS)


  • Think.Make.Start.
  • Data Week (2019)